Ravi blames IMF for the rupee depreciation

Ravi blames IMF for the rupee depreciation

Former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake says the rupee has devalued further due to over-compensating the instructions of the International Monetary Fund.

Speaking at an event held in Colombo, MP Karunanayake said certain officers attached to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka should be held responsible for the depreciation of the rupee.

MP Ravi Karunanayake stated several persons are working for the best interest of the International Monetary Fund adding it is ruining our country.

The Parliamentarian said some state employees at the Central Bank have arrived at a decision to float the rupee.

He noted certain politicians are also part of this decision.

MP Ravi Karunanayake said today the value of the rupee has decreased and inflation is on the rise.

The Parliamentarian stressed people who can work have been removed from their posts adding those who support IMF policy decisions continue to hold different posts.

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