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Sajith Premadasa

JO is taking political advantage – Sajith

Minister Sajith Premadasa says Joint Opposition MPs who complained against the salary hike to the public agreed to the proposal during the Parliamentary meeting.

Speaking at an event held in Mullaitivu, the Minister said the Joint Opposition is taking political advantage at its best.

Minister Premadasa said when everyone in the parliament were collectively debating over the salary hike, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s party comes out and says yes there definitely needs to be a salary hike.

Minister also questioned over the actual ones who debated over salary hikes saying now, the increase in salaries is an absolute waste.

Minister added this was taking political advantage at its best.

He expressed everyone complaints when the salary increases but no one wants to disclose what happens to the increased salary or how it is spent.

Minister Premadasa also added in his opinion, there is a 10-tongue political agenda in the country; One tongue is for the parliamentary proceedings, another for the working committee discussions, another tongue is retained for the Speaker of House for debates and another tongue is for the general public.

There are 10 such tongues.

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