Politicos using cocaine - 24 names given to CID: Ranjan

Politicos using cocaine – 24 names given to CID: Ranjan

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake who elaborated more on his recent statement that there were Ministers who used cocaine said there were 24 of them who consume such drugs.

Mr. Ramanayake said he had given all the information to the CID.

The State Minister told a media conference that there were cabinet ministers, former cabinet ministers, provincial council members and members of local bodies who consumed cocaine. He said there was an MP who consumed cocaine before coming inside the Parliament.

“This MP has assaulted his security officer for informing his wife about it,”

Mr. Ramanayake said.

“There is another top MP who claimed he is representing the estate workers. He enjoys cocaine with Russian women in a five star hotel. Some thought that I was referring to only ruling party representatives when I said there are ministers who consumed cocaine. However I would like to clarify here that there are MP s who consume cocaine in the opposition as well,”

he added.

The state Minister said the only party where there are no drug users is the JVP.

He said clergymen of Sri Lanka are also addicted to drugs. He recalled that one Sinhala monk was found having cocaine inside the toilet in the Kalubowilla hospital. There are lebbes ( Muslim clergymen) who consume cocaine. “They should be chased out from mosques,” he said.

Mr. Ramanayake said he had a long discussion with Speaker Karu Jayasuriya who accepted that his allegation was true. (Yohan Perera)

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