President urged to respect the Constitution

President urged to respect the Constitution

Lawyers for Democracy says it is concerned with the current constitutional impasse created due to the delay in appointing the President of the Court of Appeal.

In a statement the Lawyers for Democracy said the process of appointment of judges set out in the Constitution must be respected to the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

LfD noted that the delay sends a deeply troubling signal that the Constitution is to be disregarded according to the whims and fancies of the Executive and contrary to the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

In its statement LfD urged President Sirisena to revisit his pledges and to take immediate steps to uphold the Constitution. The vacancy in the position of President of the Court of Appeal arose with the elevation of the then President of the Court to the Supreme Court on 9th January.

Following the development, the President appointed a judge of the Court of Appeal as Acting President of the Appeals Court for two weeks.

The same judge was re-appointed to the same position on 24th January without the approval of the Constitutional Council. LfD said it is aware that the Constitutional Council has previously not approved the name of same judge for the post of President of the Court of Appeal.

Accordingly, Lawyers for Democracy urged President Sirisena to take swift action to make appointments in keeping with the spirit and purpose of the Nineteenth Amendment and to do his duty as provided in the Constitution.

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