Raids in 15 prisons: 115 mobile phones found

Raids in 15 prisons: 115 mobile phones found

Mobile phones and illegal equipment have been found in 15 prisons. A senior official of the Ministry of Prison said that the raids were carried out during the past month.

The number of mobile phones taken by the prison intelligence units is 115.

In addition, intelligence officials have seized 127 SIM cards, 57 mobile phone batteries, 27 telephone chargers and 116 small packets of heroin in their possession.

The Ministry of Prison Reforms stated that most of the illegal equipment had been found in the Kalutara Prison.

A senior official said 17 mobile phones and 13 SIM cards were taken into custody by intelligence units.

The number of mobile phones found in Welikada Prison is 8.

Meanwhile, details have been revealed that officers of the Kalutara Prison are engaged in drug trafficking along with inmates, the Ministry said.

The Ministry of Prison has said that its focus has been sharper.

Meanwhile, the Ministry says that, the CID is investigating the disappearance of Sunil Shantha, a drug smuggler of the prison.

A senior official of the ministry said preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect had fled due to the negligence of the prison officials.

At the moment, eight prison officers have been suspended over the incident.

The suspect, Sunil Shantha, fled to after he transferred to the Colombo Remand Prison from the Kegalle prison on the 7th of last month.

Sunil Shantha was a suspect in the 10 cases of drug trafficking.