Railway unions wait on the Salaries Commission

Railway unions wait on the Salaries Commission

The Locomotive Engineering Operators’ Union says the Salaries Commission has informed that a proposal will be tabled within the day pertaining to addressing salary anomalies in the railway service.

Secretary Indika Dodangoda said the Chairman of the Salaries Commission notified of the decision during a meeting held with railway trade unions last week.

Dodangoda said the trade union will welcome any acceptable proposal that will be tabled by the Salaries Commission.

Railway drivers, controllers, station masters, guards and technical officers confirmed last week that a strike action will be launched at midnight on Wednesday.

Dodangoda said the decision was reached following a stalemate in talks with authorities to address salary anomalies.

Dodangoda noted the Cabinet of Ministers approved a decision on the 8th of May and called for this decision to be seen through.