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Annular Solar Eclipse

Nine years later, a rare Annular Solar Eclipse today

Professor Chandana Jayaratne of the University of Colombo says that a rare Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible from Sri Lanka today (26) after nine years.

A Annular Solar Eclipse can be described as a when the moon covers the sun’s center and sun looks like a ring of fire around the Moon to the earth.

The northern regions of Sri Lanka will see an Annular Solar Eclipse in the three-hour and 15-minute todat from 8.10 am to 11.25 am, while in other parts of the country it will appear as a Partial Eclipse.

Prof. Chandana Jayaratne warns that during the eclipse, the naked eye should not look at the sun, otherwise it will cause damage to the eyes and possibly full blown blindness.

“The eclipse can be observed for the people of Colombo from 8.10 am. The peak is at 9:36 am and the moon then covers about 87.6% of the sun. The eclipse ends at 11.22 am.” Said the professor.

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