Sena Caterpillars arrive in Hatton

Sena Caterpillars arrive in Hatton

Sena Caterpillars have been discovered from the Nuwara Eliya district. The News1st correspondent in the area said Sena caterpillars were discovered from the Ruwanpura estate in Hatton.

Agriculture is the main livelihood of residents in Ruwanpura. They grow crops such as tea, corn, and other vegetables.

Farmers discovered the destructive caterpillar when inspecting a cornfield which had been overrun by pests.

The farmers in Hatton state that there is a possibility of Sena caterpillar spreading to vegetable cultivation and tea plantations.

Director General of Agriculture Dr. W. M. W. Weerakoon urges farmers to destroy the cornfields by setting fire to the crops following harvesting in order to control the spread of the caterpillars.

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