Sky diving open to the public between Nov 22 to Dec 4

Sky diving open to the public between Nov 22 to Dec 4

Sri Lankan fans will be getting a chance to witness an exciting display of sky diving at the Koggala Sri Lanka Air Force complex from November 22 to December 4.

Sky Diving enthusiasts will receive a rare chance in to dive from 12,000 feet up in the sky after a medical test and a training session along with a foreign trained experienced sky diver. Men and women who are over 18 years of age will be eligible to take part in the event said Ananka Vithana, Director Operations, Sky Dive Lanka.

Staged under the blessings of the Tourism Board this sky diving extravaganza will bring thrills and enjoyment for the young sky diving enthusiasts and will be a blessing for the tourism industry of the island.

A G18 modern aircrafts will be used for the event and according to the Director of Operations of Sky Dive Sri Lanka, a large number of enthusiasts have already applied for participation.

Further information can be obtained from 077252713 or 0773173554.

Sky Dive Lanka officials at the event launch