Govt should focus on solving public issues first – SLPP

Govt should focus on solving public issues first – SLPP

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna says the government should focus not on the formulation of a new Constitution at present, however instead provide solutions to solving public issues.

Parliamentarian Piyal Nishantha said it is the government’s responsibility to ensure public concerns are prioritized.

MP Nishantha stressed the general public are facing many serious issues at present.

He noted the public is facing many economic and social concerns at present, adding in the midst of a political crisis as well it is clear that the government should redirect its focus and efforts towards providing concessions to the people, instead of the formulation of a new Constitution.

MP Nishantha also stated the SLPP is prepared for any upcoming election.

He stressed from the SLPP’s inception the group has always been prepared for an election, remarking the party is not afraid of elections.

He called for an election to be held promptly, highlighting the continued delay of the Provincial Council election.

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