‘Speaker disregarded the Constitution & Standing Orders’

‘Speaker disregarded the Constitution & Standing Orders’

President Maithripala Sirisena has accused Speaker of House Karu Jayasuriya of disregarding the Constitution, Standing Orders and Parliament norms in executing his decisions.

In a letter to the Speaker the President said the Constitution and Standing Orders clearly state the manner in which the Speaker should act when a No-Confidence Motion is tabled.

The President directed the letter in response to the submission of documents by the Speaker pertaining to the No-Confidence Motion against Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Cabinet of Ministers being passed.

President Sirisena in his letter also claimed that he has complete power through the Constitution to appoint a Prime Minister.

The President added while the Constitution dictates that he appoints Members of Parliament who commands the most confidence in the Parliament, according to his opinion there is no need for Parliamentary tradition to show whether the Prime Minister or government has or does not have a majority.