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Anjalika Curera

Anjalika wins third stage girls’ championship

Anjalika Curera emerged as the girls’ champion in the third stage of the International Junior Tennis Tournament which was held at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association Headquarters Stadium.

Anjalika beat Indonesia’s Jessica Krista 2-0 in the final.

In the preliminary round, Anjalika advanced to the second round with a 2-0 win over India’s Ria Dagger, who defeated Sirina Vaas of England 2-0 to reach the semifinals.

Anjalika defeated Chinese Taipei player Ya Chiesu 2-0 in the semifinals, beating India’s Chandrika Joshi 2-1 in the semifinals.

Organized by the Sri Lanka Tennis Association under the guidance of the International Tennis Federation, the fourth stage of the tournament will be held till the 22nd of this month.

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