National Competitions Calendar for 2018

National Competitions Calendar for 2018

The ‘National Competitions Calendar’ (NCC) takes foremost place within the short term development plan devised by the Cycling Federation of Sri Lanka (CFSL).

The CFSL is indeed delighted to have the Sri Lanka Air Force Cycle Race, ‘Guwan Papedi Savariya’, held in the first week of March for 19 consecutive years, as the first event in the ‘NCC’, to be staged from March 2-4.

“We believe that, an ‘NCC’ of confirmed events is very important to drive or direct us to accomplish the goals defined in our ambitious development plan. It is useful, not only to the competitors, but to the coaches, event organisers, sponsors, media and to all strata.”

As such, the ‘NCC’ is published following stringent procedures set in motion, where the organiser has to pay a Registration fee and a Security Deposit as a perquisite to have its event listed in the CFSL’s annual ‘NCC’.

Club Championships planned for March, Inter-Club Championships on March 25, District Championships in May, under sponsorship grants of the CFSL, and the National Cycling Championships by end June, is scripted in the ‘NCC 2018’.

In addition to the events organised by the CFSL, the first international Cycling event registered under the international calendar (UCI), is the ‘Tea Cup’ organised by Lanka SportsReizen (LSR) scheduled for May 4-6.

The much awaited ‘Rupavahini Giritharanaya’ organised by the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, is scheduled for August 11-12, with the ‘Open Schools and Junior Road’ events to be held in Anuradhapura on August 25-26, while the climax will be in November, with the ‘Tour De Lanka’ organised by Lake House, will bring the curtain down on the ‘NCC 2018’.

A special importance is given to events listed under the ‘NCC’, as the related winners are awarded bonus points which eventually, help them strengthen their position in the National Rankings.

In addition to the events listed under the ‘NCC’, there could be situations to conduct many other events.

In such cases, if the event organiser submits its Technical Guide to the CFSL, with 30 days notice, then winners in such events too would qualify for points in their Rankings.

The CFSL could undertake to conduct events with shorter notice, but winners of such events would not qualify to receive any points for Ranking.

The CFSL resolves to publish the ‘NCC 2019’ by the first week of January 2019, and thereafter publish the annual ‘NCC’ in a regular manner.

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