Stabilize SL before abolishing Executive Presidency

Stabilize SL before abolishing Executive Presidency

Parliamentarian Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thera says before steps are taken to abolish the Executive Presidency, stability must first be established within the country.

The Thera expressed these views whilst speaking during the debate proposed by the JVP to abolish the Executive Presidency which has continued over the past two days in Parliament.

Rathana Thera said the present government does not have a majority, as the JVP and the Tamil National Alliance are not with the government today.

The Thera said however there is no need to break the government adding that the government must carry out its duties as a caretaker government.

The Venerable stated that he believes the present government won’t carry out severe and complex policies that will lead to major debates and public objection.

The Thera added the stability of the country must first be considered if someone wants to abolish the Executive Presidency.

Rathana Thera noted that if anyone calls for the Executive Presidency to be abolished under the present electoral system, it is a traitorous action against the country as abolishing the Executive Presidency will lead the country into complete instability.

Also speaking during the debate United Peoples Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Janaka Wakkumbura said a Constitution cannot be formulated upon the requirements of a single party.

He noted that everyone must unite to formulate a Constitution to fit the needs of the country, and then abolish Executive Presidency.

The MP said the current President is criticized for his course of action adding however in the past he was praised.

He said when the President is not beneficial to the present administration, the Executive Presidency and the President is criticized adding however the individual image must not be considered when deciding on the matter.

MP Wakkumbura stressed if Members of Parliament decide on a President, according to the current situation, anyone can become the President by switching sides if they have power.

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