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Dino Riders Movie Mattel

Movies with life lessons

Movie and television production is, naturally, at an all time low. Recent reports indicate that up to 120,000 people may be put out of work in Hollywood alone thanks to COVID-19. To be sure, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, of which the most popular in Sri Lanka has to be Netflix, are seeing a surge in their audience numbers and individual subscriptions.

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Fish Caught Using Dynamite

Navy confiscate ‘Dynamite’

A group of naval personnel attached to the Eastern Naval Command arrested a person with 80kg of fish caught using dynamite, during a raid carried out in the general area of Mohoththuwaram, Trincomalee yesterday. The stock of fish was made ready to be transported by a cab when the arrest was made. The suspect is a resident of Ichchalampaththu, aged 28.

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“Language to Unite”

The International Mother Language day 2019 theme is: “Indigenous languages matter for development, peace building and reconciliation”. However ‘indigenous languages’ are what is keeping people apart, and the only solution we have at present to cross this barrier is by translation, either to a link language or from one language to another. This year

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Path to solve human-elephant conflict

Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando, Chairman of a NGO specialising in research and conservation in the country in an interview with Daily News, recently spoke of the proposed Human-Elephant conflict (HEC) prevention programme of the Wildlife Conservation Department(DWC) and explained the would be the results of the venture on the basis of surveys conducted by his

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A man’s matchless mission

While Namanadan Ramaraj, his wife and three sons were sleeping in the early hours of Tuesday morning in his room on the fourth floor, he found that they were being engulfed by a cloud of smoke. He got to know that his building was on fire and he and his family were trapped, with no way out. “It was a raging fire that came from the bottom and the smoke

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