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Communal disharmony solution is within us

The recent violence in Ampara and in some areas of Kandy are really tragedies. They are tragedies in the sense that even after a long devastating internal war, some groups of people have still not realised that such racial riots could spread and cause mayhem throughout the country. Many Sri Lankans responded to this violence …

Social Media

Parents asked to monitor social media usage

Parents have been instructed to monitor children making racist statements on social media following tense situations reported in Ampara and Teldeniya. Senior spokesperson of the President’s Media Division said children could unknowingly make racist or provocative statements regarding the current situation in the country on social media. Accordingly, the PMD instructed all parents to monitor …

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation - OIC

OIC express concern over Ampara unrest

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has expressed concern over reports of clashes and a tense situation in Ampara recently. While expressing concern over the issue, the OIC stressed the need to protect the rights of minorities, and their rights to observe their religious practices without harassment or any direct or indirect breaches and to earn …


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