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Central Mail Exchange, File

Media Unit officials caught while posting letters with false information

The 3 people who were arrested while attempting to post letters containing false information have been handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division. Police said the individuals were arrested with 600 defamatory letters at the Central Mail Exchange last night. Investigations revealed that the letters contained incorrect information with regard to the Easter Sunday terror …

Fake News, False information

Legal actions against who spread false information

The National Media Center says that legal action will be taken against those who are spreading false information through social media. According to the National Media Center the public will be dejected and ‍fear due to false information as well as the misguidance of the security forces. Therefore, the National Media Center stated that action …

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)

Measures taken to monitor social media websites : TRC

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Sri Lanka states that it has taken measures to monitor social media websites. According to an officer at the TRC, this measure was taken following a request made by the Ministry of Defence. Further, the TRC states that it took measures to monitor social media websites as false information is …


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