The Butterflies for Democracy will stand

The Butterflies for Democracy will stand

The Butterflies for Democracy will stand in solidarity along with allies, family and friends of the LGBTIQA community to protest the blatant disregard for democracy currently prevailing in the country. We will come together on 7th December 2018 at Lipton Circle from 4pm till 6pm to demand that sanity, democracy and decency prevail and that the rights of the LGBTIQA community be recognized.

For over 135 years, the LGBTIQA community has been marginalised and discriminated against due to archaic British Laws that were introduced in 1883, which our Governments have clung on to for over 70 years of independence in order to vilify and marginalise our community. Meanwhile, the UK and 35 other Commonwealth Countries have moved to remove these laws. As recently as weeks ago, our neighbour India decriminalised consensual same sex relationships, freeing over 200 million LGBTIQA persons from under the yoke of British Colonial laws. We ask, why not Sri Lanka?

Politicising and denigrating the LGBTIQA community has been the mantra of conservative politicians in order to garner votes and scare people into thinking that being LGBTIQA is some sort of sickness or perversion – neither of which is true and neither of which can be proved scientifically or medically.

We are gathering at Lipton Circle to remind the President and politicians of this country that we represent a large voter base in this country. We also remind the very same persons that the Constitution of this country protects our rights as equal citizens and that we must be treated as such. We demand that democracy prevails and insist that democracy is nothing without equality, respect and dignity for all citizens of this country. We stand in solidarity with the many groups who have been speaking out for the same in this moment in time, and warmly invite them to join us.