Dhammaloka thera's travel ban lifted

Dhammaloka thera’s travel ban lifted

The international travel ban imposed on Venerable Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera over an on-going Court hearing has been lifted for a period of six weeks.

Following a motion filed by attorneys representing the thera, Colombo High Court Judge Sampath Wijeyratne lifted the ban with effect from today until the 10th of September.

The request was made by attorneys in order for Uduwe Dhammaloka thera to attend several events in the United Kingdom.

The ban was imposed owing to a case filed against the thera for being in illegal possession of an elephant calf.

Accordingly the thera was barred from travelling overseas. However following a previous request, the ban imposed on Dhammaloka thera was lifted for the period between the 26th of August to the 12th of October.

However venerable Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera was controversially disembarked from a flight last Thursday for attempting to travel to London.