UNP MPs targeted in ‘Chili Powder’ attacks

UNP MPs targeted in ‘Chili Powder’ attacks

UNP Parliamentarians say that they were attacked with ‘chili powder’ by certain MPs of the government.

They revealed this speaking to reporters outside the Parliament chamber following the tense situation which had prevailed inside as government MPs protested and prevented the Speaker from commencing the parliament session.

The UNP members said that government MPs threw chili powder at several UNP parliamentarians as well as the police officers who were inside the chamber for the Speaker’s protection.

Meanwhile UNP MPs Malik Samarawickrama and Gamini Jayawickrama Perera had received treatment in the infirmary at the parliament due to being attacked with chili powder.

Speaking at the UNP press conference at the parliament following the incident, Perera said that water mixed with chili powder was thrown at him and several other opposition MPs.