UPFA to appoint members to selection committee today

UPFA to appoint members to selection committee today

The UPFA stated that representatives from the ruling party for the Parliament selection committee will be appointed today (November 20).

This was announced by Parliamentarian Vasudewa Nanayakkara while addressing the media following a meeting held yesterday (November 19) at the President’s official residence between the President, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and other MPs.

Parliamentary sources confirm that after the representatives from the other parties have also been appointed that the matter will be announced by the speaker to parliament on Friday (November 23).

There are 12 committees that come under the purview of the selection committee including the committee on parliamentary business, COPE, and COPA.

At yesterday’s parliamentary sessions, Deputy speaker Ananda Kumarasiri stated that the names of the representatives appointed should be sent to the Secretary of the Parliament.