US intervention in Syria should be stopped immediately – Iranian president

US intervention in Syria should be stopped immediately – Iranian president

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for an immediate end to the American and Israeli presence on Syrian territory during a trilateral meeting with his Russian and Turkish counterparts.

The three leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iran’s Rouhani and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan gathered in Tehran on Friday to discuss how to stop violence in the war-torn Arab republic.

“The United States’ illegal presence in Syria, which has only led to escalation of the situation, must end immediately,” Rouhani said in opening remarks at the summit.

“In accordance with international resolutions and the demands of the Syrian people, the Israeli occupational regime must immediately leave occupied Syrian territories,” Rouhani told his counterparts.

Israel has been bombing Syrian territory under the pretext of striking Iranian targets, and the IDF recently admitted that, over the past 18 months, it has carried out more than 200 strikes. Tel-Aviv claims that Tehran is trying to gain a foothold in Syria despite the fact that Iranian forces were deployed there after an invitation from Damascus. Notably, US troops were never granted permission from Syrian authorities, who repeatedly slammed Washington for their deployment.

Iranian forces are not going to leave, Rouhani stressed.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is present in the country at the request of the legitimate Syrian government to fight against terrorism. The continuation of our presence in Syrian Arab Republic will further be decided on the basis of this principle,” the Iranian leader stated.