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New Planet, K2-18b

New Planet identified with water vapor

British scientists have for the first time identified a planet with a vaporized atmosphere.

The planet, named K2-18b, is located about 110 light-years from Earth, near the constellation of lions.

NASA’s Kepler mission was first observed in 2015 by an asteroid outside our solar system.

Its star rays, obtained in Hubble Telescope in 2016 and 2017, were analyzed by scientists at the University College of London.

The result was the discovery of water vapor in the atmosphere of the new planet. Dr. Angelos Tsiaras, who led the group, says that in addition to water vapors, hydrogen and helium are present.

The eclipse of an eclipse orbiting the Sun in the lion’s solar system every 33 days is also possible for life.

However, the planet cannot travel because of its extreme distance, says Dr. Tsiaras.

It takes about seven to eight minutes for a solar ray to reach the Earth in our solar system.

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