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Garbage Containers, British Human Remains Containers

21 garbage containers returned to England

The Customs Department has taken steps to send 21 containers of garbage back to England. Its media spokesman Sunil Jayaratne stated that these steps were taken on the instructions of the Attorney General. In 2017, a consignment of containers ...
Police Raid Arrest

400 suspects arrested in Western Province

More than 400 suspects involved in various offenses have been arrested in a special operation conducted in the Western Province during the past 24 hours. Of these, 330 were arrested for drug offenses and 72 for other offenses. Police seized 108 ...
Treat oral orders as circulars – President

Treat oral orders as circulars – President

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa today visited the Haldummulla area in Badulla as part of a plan to travel from village to village to identify various problems faced by the people and provide immediate solutions. Accordingly, the President joined ...
Maximum retail price for Coconut

Maximum retail price for Coconut

The maximum retail price for a coconut has been set with effect from today. Accordingly, the maximum retail price for coconuts over 13 inches in circumference is Rs. 70. Aththa Withthi – Truth First like on us Facebook Page and joine to ...
“Ratmalana Roha” shot dead by police

“Ratmalana Roha” shot dead by police

A wanted suspect in connection with underworld crimes and heroin trafficking, Devamuni Harl Rohana de Silva alias has been shot dead this morning. The suspect was hiding in the Kammalthota area in Kochchikade while preparing to flee to India ...
Plastic pollution

Several plastic items banned from January 1

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says that several types of plastic products will be banned from January 1. The Minister said that the plastic tube used for cotton buds, sachets and small plastic bottles containing pesticides will be ...
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