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Parliament empty lack MPs

20th Amendment in Parliament today

The 20th Amendment to the Constitution is due to be introduced in Parliament today. The Parliamentary Secretariat says that any citizen has the opportunity to file a petition against it within 7 days after it is presented to Parliament. ...

Tests to diagnose HIV infection again

The National AIDS Control and Sexually Transmitted Infections Unit says it has resumed testing to identify HIV-infected people who have been restricted due to the spread of corona. Its Deputy Director, Specialist Dr. Lilani Rajapaksa said that ...
Vehicle import export

Vehicle prices rise sharply

The Vehicle Importers’ Association says vehicle prices have risen sharply. Its chairman Indika Sampath Merinjige said prices had risen due to the suspension of vehicle imports and increased domestic demand. He also stated that the price of ...
growth in stock market

5% growth in stock market in a week

The Colombo Stock Exchange had a daily turnover of Rs. 3.54 billion at the close of trading yesterday. This is the fourth consecutive day that the daily turnover has crossed the Rs. 3 billion mark. Earlier in the day, the daily turnover crossed ...
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